Sandiettes Win CHS Relays, Lady Dogs Finish Second

Lady Bulldog Octavia Davis clears the bar on the way to winning the high jump during the Bulldog Relays on Friday, March 6.Lady Bulldog Octavia Davis clears the bar on the way to winning the high jump during the Bulldog Relays on Friday, March 6.

The Grapeland Sandiettes swept the girls division at the Crockett Bulldog Relays on Friday, March 6, winning both the varsity and junior varsity titles.

Racking up 145 points, the Varsity Sandiettes finished comfortably ahead of meet host Crockett, which took second with 90 points. Livingston was third with 79 points, followed by Pineywoods Academy with 77 and Woden with 73.
In the JV Division, the Sandiettes won the title with 87 points and Pineywoods Academy of Lufkin was second with 64 points.

Varsity results are as follows:

Top Athletes Varsity Girls Division
1st- T. Douglas, Pineywoods, 38 points; 2nd- Octavia Davis, Crockett, 28; 3rd, B. Thomas, Livingston, 25; 4th- Elizabeth Thorpe, Grapeland, 22; 5th- Cymone Davis, Grapeland, 20; 5th- Tyshala McKnight, Crockett; 7th- Jocelyn McCoy, Grapeland, 19; 8th- Crystal Arvizu, Crockett, 18; 8th- M. Greusel, Pineywoods, 18; 10th- M. Dachelet, Woden, 15; 10th- M. Kuykendall, Woden, 15; 10th- N. Muse, Woden, 15.
100-Meter Dash
1st- Jakara Jackson, 13.71; 2nd- T. Douglas, Pineywoods, 14.62; 3rd- L. Aguero, Livingston, 14.78; 4th- Audra B, Crockett, 15.08; 5th- Jocelyn McCoy, Grapeland, 15.16; 6th- N. O'Guin, Livingston, 15.59.
200-Meter Dash
1st- Dijonia Turner, Grapeland, 29.94; 2nd- Octavia Davis, Crockett, 30.08; 3rd- K. Kimbrough, Woden, 31.67; 4th- R. Richards, Livingston, 32.16.
400-Meter Dash
1st- M. Kuykendall, Woden, 1:08.06; 2nd- T. Douglas, Pineywoods, 1:10.37; K. Kimbrough, Woden, 1:12.27; 4th- Kylee Puga, Grapeland, 1:13.20; 5th- Madelyn Conner, Grapeland 1;16.05; 6th- B. Spradlin, Pineywoods, 1:16.35.
800-Meter Run
1st- N. Muse, Woden, 2:43.12; 2nd- B. Thompson, Woden, 2:48.36; 3rd- M. Little, Pineywoods, 2:54.52; 4th- Sofia Gilbert, Grapeland, 3:03.50; 5th- Jennifer Fajardo, Grapeland, 3:17.43.
1600-Meter Run
1st- Crystal Arvizu, Crockett, 6:35; 2nd- M. Little, Pineywoods, 6:41; 3rd- B. Spradlin, Pineywoods, 6:54; 4th- M. Greusel, Pineywoods, 6:55; 5th- America Arcibar, Crockett, 7:28; 6th- S. Sturgis, Woden, 7:46.
3200-Meter Run
1st- M. Dachelet, Woden, 13:31.87; 2nd, Crystal Arvizu, Crockett, 13:56.00; 3rd- America Arcibar, Crockett, 15:34.00.
100-Meter Hurdles
1st- B. Thomas, Livingston, 19.02; 2nd- Elizabeth Thorpe, Grapeland, 21.05.
300-Meter Hurdles
1st- B. Thomas, Livingston; 55.65; 2nd- T. Douglas, Pineywoods, 1:01.62; 3rtd- M. Greusel, Pineywoods, 1:08.79.
4x100-Meter Relay
1st- Livingston, 55.17; 2nd- Grapeland (Rosalind McCoy, Keana McKnight, Alyssa Angerstein, Jocelyn McCoy), 58.64
4x200-Meter Relay
1st-Grapeland (Rosalind McCoy, Alyssa Angerstein, Keana McKnight, Jocelyn McCoy, 1:53.32; 2nd- Livingston 1:56.48.

4x400-Meter Relay
1st- Woden, 4:43.07; 2nd- Grapeland (Kylee Puga, Madelyn Conner, Taylar Mullen, Elizabeth Thorpe), 5:13.06.
Long Jump
1st- Octavia Davis, Crockett, 14'-9 1/2"; 2nd- Jocelyn McCoy, Grapeland, 14'-3 1/2"; 3rd- Tyshala McKnight, Crockett, 13'-7 1/2"; 4th- T. Douglas, Pineywoods, 13'-6", 5th- Alyssa Angerstein, Grapeland, 12'-10 1/2"; 6th- R. Richards, Livingston, 12'-3 1/2".
Shot Put
1st-Cymone Davis, Grapeland, 38'-8 1/2"; 2nd- Destiny Moten, Grapeland, 30'-3 1/2"; 3rd- S. Phillips, Livingston, 30'-0"; 4th- Asia Chaney, Crockett, 29'-6 3/4"; 5th- A. Counts, Woden, 29'-5 1/4"; 6th- Janissiah Creag, Grapeland, 28'-9 1/2".
1st- Cymone Davis, Grapeland, 89'-8 1/2"; 2nd- Asia Chaney, Crockett, 84'-8"; 3rd- Tyshala McKnight, Crockett, 82'-0 1/2"; 4th- W. Allen, Livingston, 80'-5"; Janissiah Creag, Grapeland, 79'-4 1/2"; 6th- Jordan Potter, Livingston, 70'-1 1/2".
High Jump
1st- Octavia Davis, Crockett, 4'10"; 2nd- Tyshala McKnight, Crockett, 4'6".
Pole Vault
1st- Elizabeth Thorpe, Grapeland, 5'5".