Bulldog Tracksters Run Away With Meet Title


The Crockett varsity boys track team piled up 239 points to lock up the championship in the Bulldog Relays held Friday, March 6 at Driskell Stadium.

The Bulldogs' closest challengers were class 5A Livingston, which was second with 115 points, and Pineywoods Academy of Lufkin, which was a distant third with 62 points. Woden (40) and Grapeland (26) rounded out the team standings.

Results for the varsity events are as follows:

Varsity Boys Results

Top Athletes Varsity Boys
1st- Terrion Handsborough, Crockett, 31 points; 2nd- Daquan MacIntosh, Crockett, 30; 3rd- Jordan Washington, 25; 4th- DeAnthony Epps, 23; 5th- Lucky Daniels, Crockett, 20; 6th (tie)- Noah Cox, Woden; LaTavian Jones, Crockett; G. Murr, Livingston; J. Rains, Livingston; Trendell McWhirter, Crockett, 18 points each.
100-Meter Dash
1st- Rick Lomax, Grapeland, 11.40; 2nd, DeAnthony Epps, Crockett, 11.42; 3rd- Terrion Handsborough, Crockett, 11.44; 4th- J. Rains, Livingston, 11.93; 5th- Damien Richardson, Crockett, 12.03; 6th- David Larock, Pineywoods Academy, 12.09
200-Meter Dash
1st- Lucky Daniels, Crockett, 23.00; 2nd- LaTavian Jones, Crockett, 24.26; 3rd- N. Fino, Woden, 25.38; 4th- Blake Smith, Woden; 30.63.
400-Meter Dash
1st- Damien Richardson, Crockett, 56.30; 2nd- John Rogers, Crockett, 56.36; 3rd- J. Sanches, Pineywoods, 57.22; 4th- Daquan MacIntosh, Crockett, 58.49; 5th- Carson Bynum, Pineywoods, 1:00.90; 6th- Joseph Bailey, Pineywoods, 1:01.39.
800-meter Run
1st- G. Murr, Livingston, 2:25.10; 2nd- Carlos Anderson, Crockett, 2:26.58; 3rd- Joseph Bailey, Pineywoods, 2:32.67; 4th- Brandon Filer, Grapeland, 2:38.35.
1600-Meter Run
1st- N. Cox, Woden, 7:05.23.
3200-Meter Run
1st- Z. Meagley, Woden, 13:01.34; 2nd- N. Cox, Woden, 16:53.01.
110-Meter Hurdles
1st- Jordan Washington, Crockett, 14.67; 2nd- LaTreVeounce Bell, Crockett, 17.79; 3rd- S. Dallmeyer, Livingston,19.39; 4th I. Vasquez, Livingston, 22.01; 5th- M. Garcia, Livingston, 24.28.
300-Meter Hurdles
1st- Jordan Washington, Crockett, 38.82; 2nd- LaTreVeounce Bell, 48.67; 3rd- Trey Holmes, Pineywoods, 50.20; 4th- M. Garcia, Livingston, 55.57.
4x100-Meter Relay
1st- Crockett (Lucky Daniels, LaDarrian Jones, LaTavian Jones, Daquan MacIntosh), 44.61; 2nd- Livingston, 45.80; 3rd, Grapeland, 46.56.
4x200-Meter Relay
1st- Crockett (Lucky Daniels, LaTavian Jones, Daquan MacIntosh, LaDarrian Jones), 1:34.50; 2nd- Livingston, 1:38.27; 3rd- Pineywoods, 1:40.45.
4x400-Meter Relay
1st- Crockett (Jordan Washington, Terrion Handsborough, DeAnthony Epps, Damien Richardson), 3:42.44; 2nd- Livingston, 3:53.45; 3rd, Pineywoods, 4:07.75.
Long Jump
1st- Terrion Handsborough, Crockett, 21'-0 1/2"; 2nd, Daquan MacIntosh, 19'-8 1/2"; 3rd- J. Rains, Livingston, 18'-8"; 4th- D. Larock, Pineywoods, 18'-7", 5th, N. Fino, Woden, 18'-6 1/2"; 6th, M. House, Pineywoods, 18'-2".
Shot Put
1st- Tim Riley, Crockett, 40'-4 1/4"; 2nd- Trendell McWhirter, Crockett, 39'-3 3/4"; 3rd- C. Hodges, Livingston, 36'-11"; 4th- J. Jordan, Livingston, 36'-7 3/4"; 5th- C. Bynum, Pineywoods, 34'-0 1/4"; 6th- LaTreVeounce Bell, Crockett, 34'-0".
1st- Trendell McWhirter, Crockett, 114'-4 1/2"; 2nd- J. Jordan, Livingston, 109'-3 3/4"; 3rd, C. Hodges, Livingston, 109'-2 1/2"; 4th- Tim Riley, Crockett, 101'-6 1/2"; 5th- C. Bynum, Pineywoods, 88'-4 1/4"; 6th- K. Seward, Livingston, 86'-3 1/2".
Triple Jump
1st- DeAnthony Epps, Crockett, 43'-0"; 2nd- Daquan MacIntosh, Crockett, 40'-0"; 3rd- C. Tippitt, Pineywoods, 36'-5"; 4th- G. Murr, Livingston, 36'-1"; 5th- J. Hope, Livingston, 33'-7", 6th- T. Holmes, Pineywoods 31'-8".
High Jump
1st- Terrion Handsborough, Crockett, 5'8".
Weight Man Relays
(Non-Scoring Event)
1st- Livingston, 1:58.05; 2nd- Crockett (LaTreVeounce Bell, Jacorey Chapman, Trendell McWhirter, Tim Riley) 1:52.74.