Bulldogs Rack Up 27 All-District Honors

Daniels is C0-Defensive Newcomer Of Year

The Crockett Bulldogs came away with a total of 27 awards-- including one district Superlative-- when District 11-3A football coaches gathered to select the 2014 All-District elite eams.

Crockett nailed down eight spots on the First Team Offense and three on the Second Team Offense. Defensively, the Bulldogs claimed 10 slots on the First Team and five on the Second Team. Eight other CHS players received Honorable Mention.

Sophomore Lucky Daniels was awarded a District Superlative as Co-Defensive Newcomer of the Year, as well as being a receiver on the First Team Offense.

Five other Bulldogs were dual honorees.

Junior Chamar Wiley-Harris was tabbed as a running back on the First Team Offense and cornerback on the First Team Defense.

Senior Cordell Ferguson was named a tackle on the First Team Offense and end on the First Team Defense.

The coaches selected senior JaMarcus Moten as a First Team Offense receiver and a First Team Defense safety.

Senior Antonio Arcivar earned First Team All-District honors as both kicker on ofense and punter on defense.

Junior A.J. Phillips was recognized as a First Team receiver on offense and second team defensive back.

Junior quarterback Case Robinson and senior center Javarious Taylor were chosen for the first team offense.

Rounding out the First Team Defense are senior tackle LaTreveounce Bell; senior end L.T. Tryon; senior inside linebackers David McNabb and Ricardo Hidalgo; senior outside linebacker Jordan Washington, and senior cornerback Don Gilbert.

Bulldogs selected for the Second Team Offense were sophomore guard Tim Riley, junior tight end Ty Dowell, and junior receiver A.D. Watkins.

The Second Team Defense, in addition to Phillips, includes senior tackle Victor Rangel, junior inside linebacker DeAnthony Epps, junior outside linebacker Vunterrious Leonard and sophomore back Von Evans.

Honorable Mention included Cody Braun, offensive line; Harvey Stewart, offensive line; Javon Colter, defensive line; Jacoby Bowens, defensive line; Xavion Dixon, running back; Terrion Handsborough, receiver; Rasheed Epps, receiver; Damien Richardson, defensive back
District 11-3A DII All-District

District MVP- Roney Elam, senior, Newton, 6'3", 175
Offensive MVP- Keegan Mitchell, senior, Corrigan, 5'6", 165.
Defensive MVP- Tanner Holmes, junior, Newton, 6'3, 205
Offensive Newcomer of the Year- Layton Simmons, junior, Newton, 6'0", 175
Co-Defensive Newcomer of the Year- Kirkland Foster, sophomore, Newton, 6'0, 165; Lucky Daniels, sophomore, Crockett, 5'9", 154
Coach of the Year- W.T. Johnson, Newton.

First Team Offense
Quarterback- Case Robinson, junior, Crockett; Lakendrick Moore, junior, Corrigan.
Running Back- Jace Thomas, senior, Newton; Calum Foster, senior, Newton; Brendon Waldrup, senior, Deweyville; Chamar Wiley-Harris, junior, Crockett, 5'8", 166; Malyk Johnson, junior, Corrigan.
Center- Hunter Flanigan, junior, Newton; Javarious Taylor, senior, Crockett, 5'11", 190; Calvin Burks, senior, Corrigan.
Guard- Treavon Davis, senior, Newton; Michael Matthews, junior, Newton; Caleb Bass, junior, Deweyville; Carson Rodriguez, junior, Garrison; Sebastian Pecina, senior, Corrigan.
Tackle- Brent Simmons, senior, Newton; Lincoln Herrington, senior, Newton; Ladarius Hamilton, junior, Corrigan; Cordell Ferguson, senior, Crockett, 5'10", 196.
Tight End- Demetrius Williams, senior, Newton; Dylan Parker, senior, Corrigan.
Receiver- Rusty Secrest, junior, Garrison; A.J. Phillips, junior, Crockett, 5'8", 180; JaMarcus Moten, senior, Crockett, 5'9", 175; Lucky Daniels, sophomore, Crockett, 5'9", 154.
Kicker- Logan Westbrook, senior, Newton; Antonio Arcivar, senior, Crockett, 5'8", 142.

Second Team Offense
Quarterback- Andrew Russell, senior, Garrison.
Running Back- Rodney Bass, junior, Garrison; Sammy Martinez, senior, Corrigan; Gabe Foster, junior Newton; Mitchell Henson, junior, Deweyville.
Center- Brett Ladner, junior, Deweyville.
Guard- Robert Wood, junior, Newton; Jacob Robinson, junior, Garrison; Chase Tubbs, senior, Corrigan; Tim Riley, sophomore, Crockett, 6'0", 280.
Tackle- Trey Harris, senior, Hemphill; Josh Trevino, senior, Deweyville; Tyreese Johnson, senior, Garrison; Taylor Williams, senior, Garrison.
Tight End- Antwaine Hunter, sophomore, Newton; Tyler Dowell, junior, Crockett, 6'2", 205.
Receiver- Rudy Weaver, senior, Hemphill; Tommy Williams, sophomore, Hemphill; Robert Brinson, senior, Deweyville; Michael Feaster, senior, Garrison; A.D. Watkins, junior, Crockett, 5'9", 145.
Kicker- Taylor Williams, senior, Garrison.

First Team Defense
Noseguard- Zack Conner, senior, Newton.
Defensive Tackles- Dave Lewis, senior, Newton; Keenan Myers, junior, Newton; Tyreese Johnson, senior, Garrison; LaTreveounce Bell, senior, Crockett, 5'11", 180; Javoris Brooks, junior; Calvin Burks, senior, Corrigan.
Defensive End- Clayton Stewart, senior, Newton; Bobby Bass, senior, Newton; L.T. Tryon, senior, Crockett, 6'0", 170; Richard Hughes, sophomore, Garrison; Cordell Ferguson, senior, Crockett, 5'10, 196.
Inside Linebacker- Tyler Meeks, senior, Hemphill; Carson Rodriguez, junior, Garrison; David McNabb, senior, Crockett, 5'10", 185; Ricardo Hidalgo, senior, Crockett, 5'11", 177; Ledarius Hamilton, junior, Corrigan.
Outside Linebacker- Raylin Davis, senior, Newton, 5'8", 175; Michael Feaster, senior, 190.
Safety- JaMarcus Moten, senior, Crockett, 5'9", 172; Keegan Mitchell, senior, Corrigan, 5'6", 165.
Cornerback- Calum Foster, senior, Newton; Gabe Foster, junior, Newton; Triston Gordon, junior, Deweyville; Don Gilbert, senior, Crockett, 5'9", 155; Chamar Wiley-Harris, junior, Crockett 5'8", 166.
Punter- Logan Westbrook, senior, Newton; Antonio Arcivar, senior, Crockett, 5'8", 142.
Second Team Defense
Defensive Tackle- John Carpenter, senior, Deweyville; Victor Rangel, senior, Crockett, 5'7", 150; Sebastian Pecina, senior, Corrigan.
Defensive End- Justin Collins, senior, Hemphill; Trevor Knox, senior, Deweyville; Sean Slowikowski, sophomore, Garrison.
Inside Linebacker- Kobe Jernigan, junior, Deweyville; DeAnthony Epps, junior, Crockett, 5'10", 170; Christian Mitchell, freshman, Corrigan.
Outside Linebacker- Blake Kelley, sophomore, Newton; Rudy Weaver, senior, Hemphill; Ty Hayter, junior, Garrison; Vunterrious Leonard, junior, Crockett, 6'1", 152; Cody McDonald, senior, Corrigan.
Defensive Back- Caleb Powers, senior, Garrison; Von Evans, sophomore, Crockett, 5'10", 143; LaKendrick Moore, junior, Corrigan; A.J. Phillips, junior, Crockett, 5'7", 177; Terrance Dove, sophomore, Garrison.