Officers Appreciate Community Support As They Continue To Protect And Serve

By Lynda Jones
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In the wake of a tragic week for law enforcement across the nation, Houston County residents have reached out to those who protect and serve Houston County to show their support.

After the loss of four Dallas Police Department officer, one Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer and three Baton Rouge Police Department officers, Crockett Police Chief David Cross said of his department:

"We are holding up pretty good. The community has been good to us and we appreciate all the calls and support that we have been receiving over the past several weeks with what is going on around the country. We will continue to do our jobs with pride and keep our community safe like we have done in the past."

On Monday, July 18, Governor Greg Abbott proposed a new Police Protection Act that he wants the Texas Legislature to pass during its 2017 session. The proposed act is intended to strengthen penalties for crimes committed against law enforcement officers. 

"We want to thank Governor Abbott for recognizing the importance of protecting our law enforcement officers. This is an important step toward protecting those who safeguard our citizens each day.

"The men and women who put their lives on the line every day are true heroes and they deserve every protection that the law can give them," Cross said in response to the announcement.