Grapeland Police Department Remains Intact

By Lynda Jones
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The Grapeland Police Department remains intact despite rumors that the Grapeland City Council intended to dramatically reduce or close the department during a special called meeting on Monday, April 25.

The sole purpose of the meeting, according to Mayor George Pierson and the posted agenda, was to hold an executive session to discuss/review the mutual agreement of an (former) employee's due process with Grapeland Chief of Police Kyle Duren and the Grapeland City Council.

When he convened the meeting prior to going into the closed session, Pierson said, "There's been a lot of rumors in town. There's been a lot of things said. There's been a lot of people questioning why we called this meeting. I want to be clear with everybody, including the council members, I called this meeting to make sure we're in one accord in agreement with a past employee and his attorney," Pierson said.

Pierson added, I have been asked by some individuals why I won't let upcoming administration come into this meeting. There is a conflict of interest, and I want everybody to understand that. If I let one of the prospective officials come, by law, I would have to let the rest of whoever come...."

Pierson then commented on criticism he has heard alleging he did not critque the agreement adequately. He said, "I want to remind us that we all looked at it (agreement)."

When the council reconvened about 30 minutes later, the council voted to continue negotiating with attorney Andrew Stinson regarding Line Item Six and Line Item 7 of the agreeement. All council members were present.