Director Alleges Procedural Due Process Denied

Jones Bill Holcomb is pictured listening to board members discuss the fate of his position at the Crockett Housing Authority. (Photo by Lynda)Jones Bill Holcomb is pictured listening to board members discuss the fate of his position at the Crockett Housing Authority. (Photo by Lynda)Prior to being terminated by the Crockett Housing Authority Board of Commissioners on Thursday, Jan. 21, Executive Director Bill Holcomb addressed the following letter to the board members on Wednesday, Jan. 20:

...I am not an at-will employee. On April 1, 2015 this Board gave me a three year, automatically renewable, Contract. Under that contract, I cannot be fired unless this board meets its burden of proving good cause for my termination. I have a property interest in the term of that contract.

Due process is a procedural safeguard that ensures that life, liberty or property is not taken without a fair process. I have a property interest in my contract, thus I am entitled to procedural due process. This entitles me to at the least:
1) Adequate notice of what the charges are against me (and who is alleging them) in enough detail to be able to defend myself,
2) Adequate notice of the evidence against me and witnesses to be presented,
3) Adequate time to present a defense,
4) An opportunity to defend myself and present evidence, and cross examine witnesses, and
5) A fair and impartial decision maker.

I have not been given due process:
"Inadequate notice" my attorney received Mr. (Bill) Permberton's letter, dated December 23, 2015 on her return to work on Monday, January 4, 2016 leaving insufficient time to prepare adequate responses to these allegations (only a few business days to answer allegations that others have had months to prepare).
"Inadequate ... evidence", the attachments provided are insufficient to support the allegations, the witness' are current employees of the Housing Authority, and subject to influence by the board.
"Inadequate time prepare a defense" the documents needed to prepare a defense are in files in my Housing Authority office which you have illegally denied my access.
Total lack of "fair and impartial decision makers", Mr. Bowlin, now board chair, is listed as one making a complaint/witness, he has clearly demonstrated, in the past and present, not to be a fair or impartial decision maker, and I object, again, to his participation in any votes regarding decisions about the Leadership of this Organization.
But the greatest concern is that this travesty has nothing to do with good cause or job performance and the underlying reason is discrimination and the reasons given were just a pretext for an illegal termination.
William H. "Bill" Holcomb, IV

After meeting with the board for part of its executive session on Thursday, Jan. 21, Holcomb presented the media with a copy of the above letter.