Aggravated Robbery At Crockett Convenience Store

The pictured Suburban was stolen in Pasadena, then used by an aggravated robbery suspect in Crockett before the suspect lost control of the vehicle and crashed in Trinity County Monday, Dec. 21.  (CPD Photo)The pictured Suburban was stolen in Pasadena, then used by an aggravated robbery suspect in Crockett before the suspect lost control of the vehicle and crashed in Trinity County Monday, Dec. 21. (CPD Photo)

By Lynda Jones
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Less than a week after assisting the Houston County Sheriff's Office conduct a man-hunt for suspects of the armed robbery at Lovelady State Bank, the Crockett Police Department (CPD) found itself in pursuit of another robber.
On Monday, Dec. 21, at approximately 9:12 p.m., a black male robbed Mike's Corner Store, located at East Goliad Ave. and Loop 304 in Crockett.

CPD Chief David Cross reported, "the male entered the store and pointed a pistol at the clerk and demanded the money from the register. The male received an undetermined amount of money from the clerk and fled the store in a white Chevrolet Suburban."

The robber's escape was dangerous for those in his path.

"The suspect almost ran over a citizen who was in the parking lot of the store with his vehicle as he was fleeing," Cross said. "A citizen spotted the suburban fleeing the store and followed it until Crockett Police could get behind it."

According to Cross, CPD Officer Abel Aguirre and Lt. Lonnie Lum got behind the vehicle and activated their lights and siren and the suspect fled out SH 19 South towards Lovelady.

Cross, who was monitoring the radio traffic, headed that direction and joined in the pursuit.

The fleeing suspect continued through Lovelady and entered into Trinity County, at which time dispatch contacted Trinity County law enforcement to request assistance.

As Aguirre and Lum pursued the vehicle into the City of Trinity, the Trinity Police Department (TPD) joined the pursuit.
The suspect apparently lost control of the vehicle in a curve, crashing very close to a residential structure (see photo).
Cross reported that TPD officers, along with Lum and Aguirre, then were able to apprehend the suspect without incident. The suspect was not injured in the crash.

The suspect was identified as Jevon Marcus Williams II, 19, of Houston, originally from California.

The white suburban that the suspect was driving was stolen out of Pasadena, Texas. A semi-auto pistol recovered from the driver's floorboard of the white suburban vehicle was loaded, according to Cross.

Cross said further that the gun was checked for stolen status and officers learned it was stolen out of Houston.
Additionally, the suspect had prior arrest and was a convicted felon. Cash was recovered from the suspect.

The suspect was brought back to Crockett and was taken to the Houston County Jail. There, CPD Lt. Clayton Smith and Lum interviewed the suspect.

After being read his Miranda rights, Williams allegedly confessed to the Aggravated Robbery at Mike's Corner Store, to stealing the white Chevy Suburban and to stealing the pistol in Houston, according to Cross.

Cross further reported that Williams confessed to some other crimes in other jurisdictions that are currently being investigated.

Williams was booked in the Houston County Jail and charged with the following crimes:
- Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon, a First Degree Felony;
- Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, a State Jail Felony;
- Theft of Firearm, a State Jail Felony;
- Felon in Possession of Firearm, a Third Degree Felony;
- Felon Evading Arrest in Vehicle, a Third Degree Felony;
- Attempted Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, a Third Degree Felony.

"We want to thank the citizen that called (and) assisted in getting a good description of the suspect vehicle," Cross stated.

"Our officers did an excellent job in the pursuit and in apprehending the suspect without anyone getting injured. They also did a great job in getting a confession from him after the incident," Cross added.

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