17-year-old Latexo High School Student arrested for alleged Sexual Abuse of a Child

A 17-year-old Latexo High School student was arrested Tuesday, Oct. 6, for alleged Sexual Assault of a Child. This is a Second Degree Felony offense.

Latexo ISD Superintendent Don Elsom issued the following statement this afternoon
(Thursday, Oct. 8):

"We, at Latexo ISD, are saddened and angered by this incident; Saddened
that any of our students should have to experience this ordeal, and
angered that someone would do this to one of our students. Our thoughts
and prayers go out to the victim in this incident. Our focus is to work
with the victim to ensure that they and their family are supported and
comforted during this time of crisis.

"We ask that everyone please respect
the privacy of the victim and their family, and help them by allowing this
incident to fade into the background. No one will ever know the pain and
suffering that the victim and their family may be facing and I pray that
no one else will ever have to face this situation. Please consider the
impact of your words on the student and their family if you decide to post
comments or speak about this incident. They could be listening or they may
be the very person you are speaking, or chatting with. I know this
community and county have a heart to help all of those in need, and I can
think of no greater need than for this student and family to have the
support of their community, and their county in this time of need.

"The Latexo ISD administration learned of this incident, and immediately
investigated the accusations and reported to law enforcement. The student
who was arrested was done so with the full cooperation of Latexo ISD, and
the evidence that was collected was done so by the administration at
Latexo. We have fully cooperated with Law Enforcement every step of the
way and will continue to do so.

"The incident occurred in an unsupervised area of the campus during a
volleyball contest, not at the contest as was reported by KTRE.
Latexo ISD is committed to the safety and well-being of
all of our students and the fact that this incident occurred is both
appalling and unacceptable.

"In the days to come, Latexo ISD will be
reviewing our policies and procedures to determine if there is anything
else that can be done to help prevent this type of incident from happening
in the future."