More Scammers Trying To Prey On Unsuspecting Folks

By Lynda Jones
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A Crockett man reported an apparent phone scam this week that could lead to unsavory characters hacking into the victim's computer on the pretext of "fixing" the computer so others would not hack into it.

The man said he received two calls from individuals claiming to be from Microsoft and wanting personal information, including his social security number and credit card number.

Residents, especially senior citizens, are reminded to never talk to such callers and to never give out any personal information.
If Microsoft needs to fix a bug, the company will not call you. They will do an update for the software.

The same is true for those receiving calls claiming to be from Social Security. Do not give them your banking information or your social security number.

Anyone receiving such a call should notify the Crockett Police Department or the Houston County Sheriff's Office.