County Judge enters negotiations with LifeGuard EMS Services

As the Courier was going to press late Friday afternoon, Feb. 27, Houston County Judge Erin Ford released the statement:

"The Houston County EMS Advisory Committee met today and interviewed four excellent EMS Service Providers for ambulance service for the citizens of Houston County. As you'll recall, ETMC EMS will terminate their longstanding contract effective March 28, 2015, requiring an immediate action in order to maintain EMS coverage.

"The potential EMS providers were LifeNet, Texarkana, TX; LifeGuard, Birmingham, AL; Palestine Regional EMS, Palestine, TX; and Allegiance, Georgetown,TX.

"As a result, the Committee has recommended that I enter into negotiations with LifeGuard EMS Services. Our plan will be to maintain continuous EMS coverage for Houston County citizens.

"Thursday night, Feb. 26, the Houston County Hospital District Board of Directors unanimously voted to pledge $150,000 towards the subsidy an ambulance provider would require, as well as rent-free use of the existing ambulance building located behind the hospital in Crockett.

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