Most County Roads In ‘Fair’ Or ‘Poor’ Shape

By Alton Porter
Courier Reporter
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Most roads in Houston County are in fair or poor condition.

That's the essence of the latest assessments made by the county's four commissioners, who are responsible for having the roads maintained.

The commissioners memorialized statements on their assessments of the roads in their precincts in notarized annual road reports they submitted to the commissioners court and voted to accept at their Tuesday, Aug. 22, regular semimonthly meeting.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Willie Kitchen offered the motion to receive the reports as information and the motion was seconded by Commissioners Gary Lovell (Precinct 1) and Kennon Kellum (Precinct 4). It unanimously passed.

"Most roads are in poor condition (in Precinct 1)," Lovell wrote in his report in answer to a query soliciting information on the "(c)ondition of each road, culvert, bridge in the precinct and the primary cause of any road, culvert or bridge degradation."

"Some roads are in poor condition because of trucks owned by Sanderson Farms," Lovell continued. "Much work will have to be done on all to repair."
In response to that same item, Kitchen wrote, "Majority of the roads are in fair condition (in Precinct 2)."

Perry simply wrote Precinct 3 roads, culverts and bridges are "BAD," and Kellum noted they are "Fair" in Precinct 4.

In response to an item calling for information on the "(a)mount of money necessary for maintenance of the precinct roads during the next fiscal year," Lovell wrote $1 million for Precinct 1 roads, and Kitchen noted $7 million for Precinct 2 roads.

Perry jotted down $780,000 is needed to maintain Precinct 3 roads and Kellum wrote $2 million is needed for Precinct 4 road maintenance.

Lovell and Perry noted none of the traffic control devices in Precincts 1 and 3 are defaced or torn down, while Kitchen wrote five devices in Precinct 2 are in such condition and Kellum answered 10 devices in Precinct 4 are defaced or torn down.

In response to a question asking whether there's "(a)ny new road that should be opened in the precinct," all of the commissioners answered "none."

Answering a query that asks if (a)ny bridges, culverts or other improvements (are) necessary to place the precinct roads in good condition, and the probable cost of the improvements," Lovell wrote $25,000 for culverts in Precinct 1, Kitchen noted replacement of a bridge on CR 2055 in Precinct 2 without giving a cost estimate and Perry estimated $40,000 for a 30-foot bridge structure on CR 3455. Kellum wrote, "(c)reek bridge on CR 1060, several culverts (and) need rock on all roads," without estimating costs.