Property Owners Can Expect Insurance Break This Fall

City Of Crockett ISO Rate Drops From 6 To 2

By Lynda Jones, Editor-in-Chief

After working for three years to upgrade the Crockett Volunteer Fire Department with his target being to make the city safer and lower the city's ISO rate, Crockett Fire Chief John Angerstein was beaming with pride during the Monday, July 14 City Council meeting.

After giving his monthly report, Angerstein stated, "It is with great pride to announce that the City of Crockett has achieved a Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating of 2 from the Insurance Services Office. This is a rating given to Crockett by the ISO after reviewing the city's firefighting capabilities which include the fire department, dispatch and water distribution."

Angerstein continued, "This rating, according to statistics on the ISO website, indicates that the Crockett Fire Department will now rank in the top 1.5% of fire departments nationwide (810 out of 49,010 registered fire departments) that have achieved an ISO PPC Class 2 or better.

"Previously, the city's rating was a Class 6, but will now be improved to a Class 2 rating by the ISO and is being forwarded to the Texas Department of Insurance. The anticipated publication date by the Texas Department of Insurance will be October 2014."

Oct. 1 is when Crockett homeowners and businessowners are urged to contact their insurance carriers and determine what their new rates will be.

Angerstein added that, in addition to the ISO PPC Class 2 rating, a property owner's insurance rates also are affected by other factors, such as number of previous claims and credit ratings.
Crockett Economic and Industrial Development Corp. Executive Director Thom Lambert said this new rating will help the CEIDC in its efforts to bring more businesses to Crockett.

Carlton Jones, a local insurance agent, also spoke and said the rating change is great news. All said a 4-point improvement is almost unheard of.

Crockett Mayor Robert Meadows was one of several to praise Angerstein and the CVFD for their efforts and to acknowledge what great news it is for the citizens of Crockett.

Angerstein explained, "Most insurance companies use the PPC ratings from the ISO as a factor in determining fire insurance rates. According to the Texas Department of Insurance website, the improvement from a Class 6 to a Class 2 equates to an average of 18.2% savings in property insurance premiums for a single family dwelling.

"This means that if your insurance premium is $1,000 annually, it could be reduced to $818, providing a savings of $182 annually."

He continued, "Using that data, that would be an estimated savings of approximately half a million dolars, not including commercial properties which would likely far surpass those numbers."

"To achieve this rating," Angerstein said, we have had to improve many aspects of the department. Some of the many improvements made to the Crockett Fire Department within the past few years include hiring three full-time firefighters through a SAFER grant, the purchase of a new fire engine, adopting the latest fire code and designating a fire marshal who now performs commercial inspections, plan reviews and all fire and arson investigations. We now have certified fire instructors on staff who provide departmental training and public education.

"All of our fire hydrants are inspected, flow tested and logged annually. All apparatus, equipment and small engines are now inspected and operated regularly."

Angerstein further stated, "This rating demonstrates our city and fire department's commitment toward providing exemplary public safety for our citizens. We have worked very hard to reach this designation. Not only do we expect our citizens to save on insurance, but we believe this to be a key marketing tool and will make Crockett a more attractive place for new businesses. This is also a mark of the level of service the Crockett Fire Department provides to all of our residents.

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