Campbell Produces Grand Champion

(Courtesy Photo)(Courtesy Photo)

60th Annual Lovelady Calf Show

Ethan Campbell produced the Grand Champion winner of the 60th Annual Lovelady Calf Show on Feb. 28. The calf weighed in at 1,110 pounds. Katelin Stone's calf was the Reserve Champion, weighing in at 1,140 pounds. Stone and her animal also won Rate of Gain and Showmanship awards. In third place was Emily Connell with a calf weighing 972 pounds. Others who placed in the event were Krystal Sutton, fourth place, 948 pounds; Kaylee Campbell, fifth place, 950 pounds; Treyton Wilson, sixth place, 820 pounds; Colton Currie, seventh place, 948 pounds and Trent Thompson, eighth place, 822 pounds.