Grapeland Native Considers Run For Presidency


By Robert Neel, Reporter

Grapeland may have one of its own participating in the run for the presidency in 2016. Bishop Julian Lewis, Jr., a Grapeland native, has decided to make a try for the presidency.

BISHOP JULIAN LEWIS, JR. (Courtesy Photo)BISHOP JULIAN LEWIS, JR. (Courtesy Photo)His Presidential Exploratory Committee, chaired by Pastor Jacqueline Brown of Grapeland, has scheduled its first "Test the Water Rally" for Saturday, Oct. 18 at World Harvest Ministries in Lancaster.

Lewis was born in Grapeland in 1953 to Julian L. Lewis, Sr. and Lucille Lewis. He attended Grapeland Schools thru the tenth grade. In 1969 he moved to Dallas to be near doctors because of health problems. He finished school at Lincoln High School.

After high school Lewis continued his education at All State Business College and Dallas Bible College where he received a degree in Pastoral Ministry.

Lewis entered the ministry in 1976 and became a pastor in 1984.

He established the Highway Evangelistic C.O.G.I.C. and was appointed and ordained into the Office of Bishop in 1997.

Lewis is the founder of World Harvest Ministries along with other ministries in Dallas, Houston, Galveston, Denver, Oklahoma and Mexico.

He is currently trying to establish a new church in Grapeland, St. Mary's Cathedral Church.
When asked why he wanted to run for president, Lewis said, "This country has left the principles we were founded on. We need leaders that will stand up for truth."

Lewis plans to run as an independent. "I was raised to vote democratic, but I do not want to deal with party politics," he said.

"We need to manage our resources better and protect our investments," Lewis said concerning the economy. "Our social programs are handicapping people."

On immigration, "We need to uphold current laws and slow down illegal immigration," Lewis said.
When talking about the separation of church and state, Lewis said, "The church has been the center of our communities for a long time. We do not want to take God out of everything we do,'' he said. "We have a real problem when God gets left out."

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