‘Red Hat’ Ladies Tour Crockett

Red Hat Ladies Tour Crockett

The Crockett Area Chamber of Chamber Commerce recently led a Saturday day-tour of Crockett for a Houston chapter of the Red Hats Society. Executive Director Jeannie Julian (right side of bus door) welcomed the Red Hats Society at the Crockett Civic Center on Saturday morning, adorned in her own red hat. The tour included viewing the Myrtis Dightman Statue in front of the Porth Ag Arena and the Sam "Lightning" Hopkins Statue and Blues Mural on Camp Street. After leaving Camp Street, the group toured the Downes-Aldrich House on South Seventh St. Alsoincluded on the Historic Home Tours was a viewing by bus of the J.C. Miller House, the Warfield House and the Monroe-Crook House. (Photo Courtesy of Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce)