LaDeanne Smith Loved Reporting

LaDeanne SmithLaDeanne SmithIn 2010, LaDeanne Smith considered returning to the Houston County Courier as a reporter.
At that time she wrote, ". . . what I love best, writing for a newspaper and helping readers know what's going on."

On Thursday, July 31, the retired Courier general manager/editor passed away in Palestine. Funeral services were held yesterday, Wednesday, Aug. 6, in Palestine.

Smith was a true journalist. Former colleagues say she was a stickler for accuracy, meeting deadlines and for following the Associated Press Stylebook (a journalist's bible for spelling, punctuation and other grammatical details that differ from how traditional English teachers train their students). It could go without saying she had a real "nose for news". She understood community journalism and what Houston County wanted to read.

Smith began her career as a journalist when it was difficult for a woman to make it into the newsroom, much less attain a position as general manager or editor - and she earned both those positions at the Houston County Courier.