Time Is Strange Creature

By Betty A. Holt

Contributing Columnist

In and Out of Time

Our lives are marked by time and we know time is finite but time moves on and we can’t change time. Or could we?

Authors from ancient Hindu mythology and the Talmud to H. G. Wells and Stephen King have all speculated about time travel. 

At one instance or other I think we have all said to ourselves, “If I could just go back and change things it would be better.” Often a noble sentiment, but selfish as well. What of the consequences of our actions?

If we went into the future what would we accomplish? Changing the past by altering the future? 

Most scientists’ caution that time travel isn’t possible because it would create unsolvable paradoxes. Plus the quantum physics involved is far too complex to formulate a real time theory as we understand the dynamics of the universe today. At the moment we simply do not possess the technological ability to travel beyond our own limited time and place.  

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